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Gregory & Sons Inc.

Welcome to Our Family of Companies

Gregory & Sons Inc. is a family-built company with strong family and moral values.


Our Story

Find Out What It Means to Be Gregory Strong

Gregory & Sons Inc. is a family-built company with strong family and moral values. Above all, our company is founded upon our principles and work ethic. We believe that when trustworthy and determined people set goals, success is inevitable. I should know because I’m Gregory’s son, and when he started his first business over two decades ago, all he had were his values, honesty, and determination.  

Now that my father has passed, I’m determined to continue the Gregory & Sons legacy, providing top-quality services for the next generation of those who appreciate the value of hard work and reliability. That’s what it means to be Gregory Strong!

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The Purpose of Gregory & Sons Inc.

Gregory & Sons Inc. was formed in 2022 to be the primary investor, asset holder, and administrator of all of our family’s businesses. We currently operate Gregory & Sons Construction LLC and Sudz Cleaning Services LLC. It all started back in 1994 with Gregory’s Painting, and we’re so proud of how far these businesses have come, so let’s share a little bit about our subsidiary companies.

Gregory & Sons Construction LLC

This is the brand that started it all. From small beginnings as a successful painting business, my father Rickey Gregory turned his vision into a successful new construction, renovation, remodeling, landscaping, and wholesale real estate company serving the greater Greenville area and all of the surrounding communities. That’s why our motto down to this day is, “Don’t wait for opportunity – create it!”


Sudz Cleaning Services LLC

Sudz Cleaning Services specializes in cleaning Airbnbs as well as homes and offices. We also offer pressure washing services for residential and commercial clients. Additional cleaning services include residential carpet cleaning and auto detailing. We give every job the same attention to detail that it deserves. Our goal is to leave all of our clients repeating our motto: “Sudz. Now THAT’S clean.”

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